Artist Statement

I am a visual allegorist who shapes memoirs through surreal sculptures. Drawn to the fragile tension of human relations in all forms, I investigate the interplay between human connections and introspection. 
Genuine bonds are founded on self awareness, and only through connecting and empathizing with another can we begin to comprehend ourselves. Succeed or fail, we forever carry traces of these attempts to connect and bear that knowledge forward. Through my art, I seek to draw the viewer into the dreamscape of my inner dialogue, inviting them to complete the cycle of self-awareness so together we might be enlightened. 


Through her art, Meredith Lopez pulls the viewer into fantastical worlds, evoking a sense of both childlike wonder and somber contemplation. Her narrative sculptures depict surreal, dreamlike scenarios which capture a fragile moment in time, illustrating the introspective aftermath of the human struggle. Often combining kiln formed glass and mixed media, Ms. Lopez is drawn to the process, versatility and inherent meaning associated with glass, whilst utilizing whichever medium best suits her overall vision. 

Meredith was born a fraternal twin in a family of engineers, and lived a nomadic and
culturally expansive childhood. She received a BFA from the Rochester Institute of
Technology Glass Program in 2015 and has furthered her artistic studies through numerous craft institutions such as Penland School of Craft and the Pittsburg Glass Center. 

Ms. Lopez was the 2014 recipient of the Irene Pfizenmair Award for Excellence in Graphic Expression and has shown her work nationally at venues such as the Arnot Museum in Elmira, New York. She is currently in the assistantship program at the Chrysler Museum Glass Studio, where she is preparing for a solo exhibition in the Vestibule 102 Gallery.