What's brewing for my post thesis body of work

May 13 2016

So this is my first post. I've decided that as I am constantly documenting my work as it progresses (for myself), I figured there was no reason to wait until after each piece is totally complete (or worse, abandoned) to post about it. So from now on I hope to share my journey through regular (ish) blogging and up-to-date (ish) uploads of process photos! That and it will give anyone interested insight into the crazed brain of a self proclaimed mixed media artist! Meaning: pardon the insane personality that will likely flavor all future blog posts.

In any case, I am working on a few pieces right now actually, but this post thumbnail features my "tightrope lady". (Is the thumbnail actualy visible? Technologically challenged. Yes I know I am a millennial...). As yet unnamed, all my figures have nicknames before they are completed. (It's actually quite hard to dissociate those nicknames after the conceptual processes are complete and they are more appropriately named, but alas. How else is one to refer to them?)

In any case, I can't express how much I enjoy the wax working process. Despite not having kiln access, I can always work on waxes for my current body of work (the subject matter will explore friendship in all its convoluted, intimate and complex forms). The human form itself is so complex, I feel like every time I make a new figurative wax, I am relearning how the human body moves and interacts with both the surroundings and all our limbs. Never a dull moment when sculpting! 

This is just one of the pieces I have in the works right now. I have so many ideas for this new series, which I have been developing since the first few weeks after my thesis show. It may be a bit harder to produce work as regularly as when I was a college student, but I hope to put together another solo show for this series in the coming....time period I have yet to deduce! Lots to do!

For more images of this process as I progress, check out the "Studio Process" section of my website!